Wednesday, Jun. 15th 2022

Paging System Design to Get You to Your Flight

Handling paging system design services for airports and transit hubs has been a specialty of Avant Acoustics since the company’s earliest days. When Avant first opened its doors in 1964, our first project was the Washington Dulles International Airport. Since then, Avant has continued to be a leading consultant in transportation terminal acoustics and paging system design, and has completed many successful projects throughout the United States.


In Virginia, when Richmond International Airport’s legacy analog paging system required upgrade, Avant Acoustics was brought in to consult and collaborate with network engineersto design a digital, network-centric paging system for the terminal and FIS area. Avant’s design reused existing installed loudspeakers and ambient noise sensors while providing new head-end equipment to process paging announcements and digital microphone paging stations to initiate clear, intelligible announcements.


At the Sacramento International Airport in California, Avant’s experience in paging system design was utilized in designing a computer-controlled paging system with network based audio transport which allows for maximum flexibility and future expansion. Avant designed a paging system interface with the fire alarm system to distribute more intelligible emergency announcements. Avant’s design also addressed unique acoustical and aesthetic challenges by integrating digitally-steered line array loudspeakers with architectural columns. Our on-site system commissioning services ensured that the paging system was operating to it’s maximum potential and that the airport and airlines understood how to use the system.


In Kansas, at the Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport, Avant provided acoustical consultation and paging system design services from concept design thru commissioning of the new terminal, working with project architects and engineers for more than ten years. Dedicated microphone paging stations and a system of distributed loudspeakers provide intelligible announcements throughout the terminal, curbside, and rental car facility. The paging system design also enabled the visual display of prerecorded general messages and flight announcements enable communication with deaf or hard of hearing passengers.


In addition to the design and commissioning of new paging systems, Avant’s services include consultation and improvements for existing systems. Avant will evaluate your system for any problems and recommend solutions. Many issues can be resolved while onsite and include a detailed report with the results of our work and recommendations for further improvements.

If you’re an airport or transit hub in need of assistance with acoustical consultation or paging system design, Avant Acoustics has almost six decades of experience with transportation facilities and wants to help.  Call us at (913) 888-9111 or contact us through our website.

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