Thursday, Jun. 2nd 2022

Acoustic Consultant Services from Avant Are in High Demand

Avant Acoustics’s Acoustic Consultant services have been utilized all over the country, keeping their team of experts busy with a wide range of projects. As you might have seen, projects Avant has worked on have been the subject of several publications, illustrating their wide range of expertise.
Avant’s nearly sixty years of experience providing acoustic consultant services to airports was highlighted in writeups about their work with both the MCI airport in Kansas City, Missouri and the Columbus Airport in Columbus, Georgia. In Kansas City, Avant’s skills are respected enough to have them placed on the design review team. While in Georgia, Avant put their talent at designing complex paging systems to work to help get travelers to their flights on time.
There were two projects highlighted that needed an acoustic consultant for more open spaces. When the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s National College Basketball Tournament wanted to boost the viewing experience for their stadium attendees, they turned to Avant acoustic consultant expertise to compensate for the sounds of play being drowned out by the noises of the crowd and the design of the stadiums. Avant’s acoustic consultant team was also called in to help with Live Nation’s first location to open in Iowa, working with the architect and Live Nation Design teams to create a satisfying acoustic experience.
The Nashville Embassy Suites Hotel hired the Avant Acoustic Consultant team for a more specialized project, seeking their help with managing the sound from internal and external noise sources. This was an extensive process as the hotel has a live event space in addition to its 506 rooms.  
If you have issues with your building’s sound design, you should work with Avant’s talented team of experts. They have experience in many areas and a list of projects that show their skill and dependability. Call at (913) 888-9111 or contact us through our website.

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