AVANT ACOUSTICS goes the extra mile when it comes to corporate AV system design and acoustical consulting. We provide more complete documentation and commissioning so that choosing a lowest-bid installer isn’t such a scary process.

Throughout the project, we look out for the owner’s best interests. This means the entire design team comes out looking good!


Your corporate office project likely includes boardrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, huddle spaces, conference rooms, and even event spaces. AVANT ACOUSTICS provides custom audio visual systems design that consistently perform and are easy-to-operate. Our technology solutions are customized to meet the end users’ needs. From group video conferencing and collaboration to meeting recording systems to straightforward presentation AV… we’ve got you covered!

Corporate office acoustics can be tricky, especially with contemporary workplace architecture that integrates lots of metal, glass, and gypsum wall board. Open office layout acoustics present their own challenges, particularly when low partitions are selected for their clean look and open feel.  Our engineering audio visual consultants have faced these challenges before, and know how to solve them. We work with architects and interior designers to ensure the workplace is  aesthetically pleasing and offers the right acoustical environment for any office function.

When an announcement needs to be made, it is paramount that building occupants hear and understand the message. Our corporate paging system design focus on speech intelligibility and natural sound so that important messages are clearly conveyed. More and more, this isn’t just about public address, but also about emergency notification… All the more reason you need AVANT ACOUSTICS on your team!

Nearly all open plan office spaces need a sound masking system design for occupant comfort, speech privacy, and productivity. AVANT ACOUSTICS has been designing systems for over 50 years that provide an environment where professionals can concentrate, as well as collaborate. Sound masking may seem simple, but the right design is critical to ensure staff comfort and acceptance.

Training rooms and event spaces in corporate offices are often large enough to warrant sound reinforcement system design. Often, presenters resist using sound reinforcement systems because they fear feedback, a lack of volume control, or unnatural sound. AVANT ACOUSTICS’ approach to professional sound system design focuses on eliminating these problems by providing an easy-to-use system with a high speech intelligibility index.

AVANT ACOUSTICS takes system commissioning to new heights. By creating our own DSP files and touchpanel layouts, we ensure your installer provides a higher-quality system that is also user-friendly.  In addition, we spend more time on site, testing the installed components and equalizing them to the space. The first part of commissioning isn’t hard – that is the science part. You need AVANT’s experienced designers and acousticians, however, for the second part – the art of a natural-sounding system.

Often, acoustics are cut short during original av system design, spaces are repurposed for different uses, or audio visual and sound systems degrade in performance over time.  No matter your acoustical or audio visual system issue, your first call should be to AVANT ACOUSTICS for a professional diagnosis and plan for remediation. Some issues can even be resolved while we’re on site!

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