AVANT ACOSUTICS, founded in 1964, has worked on hundreds of government projects. Our project experience ranges from providing noise control for military shooting ranges to designing audio visual systems and sound reinforcement systems for multistory administrative office buildings. 

Architects and government agencies choose AVANT ACOUSTICS because the unbiased designs and consultation we provide make projects successful.


Government audio visual systems design often has many of the same needs as other corporate offices, but with more restrictions on data security and control. Having completed many projects for government agencies, AVANT ACOUSTICS is familiar with these restrictions and the available equipment that ensures compliance with these requirements. We are experts in designing systems that meet all end-user needs, as well as regulatory specifications.

Sound systems for government agencies are often needed for office spaces, council chambers, courthouses, libraries, and more. Designing these systems is a major focus for our firm. We provide more complete specifications, drawings, and system commissioning services than our competitors, ensuring little is left to chance with the lowest-bid contractor.

Speech privacy is often a major concern in government buildings. Our acoustical solutions can address speech privacy in any environment or classification level. We also consult on mechanical noise control, architectural noise control, and room acoustics so that officials, employees, and visitors have a pleasant environment in which to conduct their business.

Open plan office layouts nearly always require a sound masking system for occupant comfort and productivity. Sound masking system design also helps with speech privacy. Our audio visual systems ensure a uniform-sounding environment where people can work without distraction.

Sometimes varying field conditions and product availability threaten the success of a project. AVANT ACOUSTICS is always available to address questions and concerns that arise during the construction phase. We work with contractors to make sure the design intent is met.  We also frequently visit the project site to ensure contractors are complying with specifications.

AVANT’s comprehensive system commissioning helps remove some of the risk of lowest-bid-award contracts. Besides creating customized DSP files and touchpanel layouts, we spend more time on site testing the installed systems and equalizing them to the space. The result is user-friendly systems that sound natural and avoid feedback and other interfering sounds.

Often space use changes over time. Acoustics are sometimes overlooked or cut from budgets, and audio visual systems performance declines for various reasons. AVANT ACOUSTICS can address these issues with a simple site visit and report.  Your first step toward system restoration or improved acoustics is contacting AVANT ACOUSTICS.

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