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Audio Visual Consulting from AVANT ACOUSTICS helped make this project come to life

Audio Visual Consulting from Avant Acoustics Helps Design a Waterpark

AVANT ACOUSTICS is proud to offer Audio Visual consulting to projects all over the United States. Just recently, SFS Architecture alongside the City of Blue Springs, Missouri held the groundbreaking ceremony on a project that our team had the pleasure...

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AV System Design Avant Acoustics

AV System Design To Elevate Your Worship Experience

When people think of AV system design, they often think of presentations in a boardroom or auditorium, or things like scoreboards or instant replay screens at a sporting event. But AV systems are all around us. One area where the need for audio visual...

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AV System design

AV System Design Makes It All Clear

Proper AV system design can make the difference between your audience focusing on your message and having them distracted by technical glitches. No matter the size of your gathering, you want your AV system to be an asset, not a liability. We focus on...

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AV System Design

AV System Design For Successful Events

Proper AV system design is vital to ensuring that your audience gets your message, loud and clear. Whether you are charged with managing a convention with thousands of attendees or just hosting a meeting in your conference room, you don’t want your...

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Audio Visual Consultants

Audio Visual Consultants for the Best in Sights and Sounds

The audio visual consultants at Avant Acoustics are experts in the design, installation and testing of audio-visual (AV) systems and components. They are also experts in acoustics - the science of how sound behaves in a particular space. If your business...

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acoustical consulting

Acoustical Consulting To The Rescue!

Acoustical consulting combines the science of acoustics - how sound behaves within a space - with an understanding of architecture, as well as the many ways people use a particular space. In a perfect world, all of these factors would be considered...

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Audio Visual Consultant

Audio Visual Consultants For Experiences That Impress

The Audio Visual Consultants at Avant Acoustics are dedicated to making sure your business or organization’s AV systems are operating at peak performance, delighting your audience with sights and sounds that get your message across. With over a half-century...

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AV System Design For Clear Communication

Proper AV system design is vital to ensuring that your audience can see and hear your message, loud and clear. Whether you are running a huge convention with thousands of attendees or hosting a meeting in your conference room, you want your AV system...

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Audio Visual Systems To Make Your Message Loud and Clear

Audio visual systems are such a normal part of everyday life that we don’t often think about them. That is, until they don’t work properly! There is nothing worse than getting up in front of a group of colleagues to speak, only to find that the audio...

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Case Study: Major Changes Without a Major Overhaul

As facilities age, their sound reinforcement and AV systems age with them. Routine maintenance and proper care can go a long way toward extending the life of a system.  However, once a system is no longer reliable, replacement is necessary and inevitable. ...

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