Wednesday, Jul. 6th 2022

Mass Notification System is There When You Need It

Having a mass notification system is an essential part of the core design of many different types of buildings. Getting a message to a specific person in a crowded building is a challenge, so a well designed paging system can be essential if this is a common problem you face in your building. Luckily if you live in Anywhere, USA, you can rely on the experts at Avant Acoustics to help you with your mass notification system design.

There are many functions that could occur within a building that would require frequent and accurate messages being received by people in a loud and crowded area, and Avant has experience to help in all of them. A few examples of building types that Avant has helped with their designs:

  • Hospitals: A high quality mass notification system can make the difference between medical staff making it to a patient in need of help in time or not. This is why Avant’s designs ensure easy-to-understand communication with high speech intelligibility and natural sound.

  • Convention and Event Venues: Any area intended for hosting a concert or convention requires a paging and mass notification system that is zoned to allow for different space configurations. These spaces often present acoustic challenges that our consultants are well qualified to help solve

  • Corporate/Government: Office facilities in the private or public sectors often need to be able to have their pages received in specific zones or departments while not disturbing others with irrelevant pages. The paging and mass notification system design for an office setting require high speech intelligibility and natural sounding pages. Avant provides these features, as well as an interface that anyone can operate.

  • Other: If you are considering a system for your building but the service you provide isn’t listed here, the systems AVANT designs are easy to use and our experts are more than qualified to consult no matter the building type they’re presented with.

If your building is regularly crowded and noisy, a mass notification system from Avant Acoustics can help make communication easier. Call us at (913) 888-9111 or visit us online to schedule an appointment.

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