Hospitality is big business, focused on lodging and entertaining visitors.  This business also caters to company events and meetings.  Managers, owners, and users of the spaces all recognize the importance of professional audio video systems designs and effective sound reinforcement. Acoustics is typically an equally important component, and may include room-to-room sound isolation (including operable partitions), mechanical and electrical noise control, and/or room acoustics.

AVANT ACOUSTICS is a valuable acoustical consulting and professional audio visual systems partner in hospitality. We have the expertise, product knowledge, relationships, and experience to ensure your new construction, remodel, or technology refresh is on time, on budget, and future-ready.


Audiences and users of professional audio video equipment in hospitality not only expect the latest technology, but also anticipate an elegant AV system design with easy-to-use features that enhance the presentation and function of the space. AVANT ACOUSTICS focuses on these key needs through a unique design approach, including custom touchpanel interface designs and extensive onsite commissioning.

Presenters in hospitality environments need not only to be heard, but also understood. Our design practices and in-depth commissioning services ensure natural-sounding speech reinforcement with high speech intelligibility. We also focus on easy-to-use functionality so that IT and AV staff spend less time managing and maintaining the system.

Announcements in hospitality environments can range from general information to emergency instructions. AVANT ACOUSTICS’ extensive paging experience in transportation and other industries benefits our hospitality clients. It is not only important that messages are easy to understand, but also that they sound natural and don’t disrupt the use of the space. These are all core components for an AVANT paging system design.

Guest rooms, meeting rooms, and divisible spaces are just a few of the hospitality spaces that benefit from professional acoustical consulting. We consult on room acoustics (how sound functions within a space), architectural noise control (isolating sound between spaces), and electrical/mechanical noise control (controlling sound generated from electrical and mechanical systems).

For some noise control tips for hotel room design, see our blog post.

Once the project has been designed, the bid has been awarded, and construction is underway, AVANT ACOUSTICS’ work is not done. We provide site visits to inspect the installation procedures and answer contractor questions regarding field conditions that may differ from the original design. This is just one more way we look out for the Architect’s and Owner’s best interests!

A main ingredient to AVANT ACOUSTICS’ secret sauce is our thorough system commissioning service. After installation by the contractor, we not only test all of the components for proper operation, we also finely tune the audio visual systems to maximize the quality of sound and video experienced by all users of the space. With this final touch, AVANT ACOUSTICS’ systems just sound (and look) better!

Sometimes after several years, spaces don’t work the same acoustically, and audio video equipment doesn’t function as great as it once did.  Regardless of who designed, installed, or commissioned your original system, AVANT ACOUSTICS can inspect the space and systems, and make recommendations for improving the conditions. Furthermore, some improvements can often be made while we’re onsite!

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