Worship spaces have many purposes. They are meditative spaces. They are performing arts spaces. They are even classrooms of a sort. They are gathering spaces for conversation, community, and enjoyment.

AVANT ACOUSTICS is aware of the complex needs of worship environments. That’s why we design sound reinforcement, audio visual, and acoustical systems to support all of these varying uses. Our associates are skilled at working with congregations to determine their requirements. We then expertly design solutions that meet these needs and fit within the available budget.


House of worship audio visual design often requires input from several different contributors. AVANT helps bring these visions together to design a masterpiece that the entire congregation appreciates and loves. With AVANT ACOUSTICS, programming is just the start; our ultimate designs are on budget and on target.

Worship space sound system design often includes a full-spectrum response to ensure natural-sounding vocals and instrumentals throughout the entire sanctuary. Because we approach sound system design from an acousticians’ perspective, you can be sure you’ll get a better sounding system. Congregations are consistently impressed by AVANT ACOUSTICS’ sound reinforcement system designs.

Churches and other worship spaces often present challenging acoustical issues, including long reverberation times, mechanical noise, or outside noise ingress. This detracts from the overall ambiance of the space and the ability for peaceful worship. AVANT ACOUSTICS can solve these problems and more, while always keeping one eye on the solution and one eye on the budget.

Sometimes an installer encounters challenges on site and needs our help. An unavailable consultant can derail a project and affect both the timeline and the resulting system – but this won’t happen when you hire AVANT!  We’re available during construction to keep the project on track.

We’re pretty sure nobody does system commissioning like AVANT ACOUSTICS. Our skilled staff devote much more time and energy than other designers to test and tune your installed system. We’re proud of our designs, and want to ensure the end users will love them, too. On top of that, we provide custom DSP files and touchpanel designs to the installer to ensure optimum performance and user-friendliness.

Over time, the furnishings or other acoustical considerations may change in a worship space. Sound and AV systems can also degrade. Luckily. AVANT ACOUSTICS’ experts are happy to help! We’ll evaluate your systems and space, and help develop a strategic plan to resolve any issues. Likely we can make noticeable improvements while we’re on site!

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