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Creating a paging system design for Washington Dulles International Airport was our very first acoustic consultant project in 1964. Since then, we’ve designed AV, sound, and paging systems, and consulted on the acoustics for over 50 transportation facilities worldwide.

Over the years, we have continued to be the acoustic consultant leader in transportation terminal sound system design. Continually integrating the latest technological innovations and practices into our systems, our designs consistently deliver highly intelligible messages and positive acoustical experiences.

That’s why so many of our clients continue to use AVANT ACOUSTICS on project after project.


In transportation, especially airport terminals, such as Washington Dulles International Airport, and rail stations, reliable, monitored paging is crucial to a positive passenger experience as well as safety and security. AVANT ACOUSTICS is different than other paging system designers because our associates are experts in sound and acoustics, as well as paging system design technology. This is why AVANT designed paging systems have optimal system performance with high levels of speech intelligibility.

The mechanical noise control, architectural noise control (keeping undesirable noise out of sensitive spaces), and room acoustics are all important factors in airports and train stations. These components of the architecture ensure a comfortable environment for staff and passengers, and support the speech intelligibility of public address systems.

Often transportation facilities have retail, lounge, and meeting spaces that require professional audio-visual and sound systems. AVANT’s professional acoustic consultant and AV sytem design experts in delivering custom solutions to meet the needs of each of these spaces. 

Once the design has been bid and construction has begun, AVANT ACOUSTICS is looking out for the owner and architect through construction administration. We will typically visit the site multiple times during construction to ensure conformance with the specification. Plus, we will answer any questions that arise as a result of field conditions or product availability.

AVANT ACOUSTICS does system commissioning differently. In addition to the typical site walk, conformance verification, and preparation of list of deficiencies, we thoroughly test the system components, and equalize them for the most natural and highly-intelligible sound. We also design custom configurations for the paging system controllers and user interfaces to ensure optimum performance and ease-of-operation. One would be hard-pressed to find this level of acoustic consultant service from any other paging or audio visual system designer.

Just like a car, paging systems need regular maintenance. Even if AVANT ACOUSTICS didn’t design and commission your system, we can come onsite and provide a full check-up. We will listen to any problems you’re having with your system, and pinpoint the cause.  Many issues can be resolved right while we’re onsite!

We’ll create a detailed report for you, including the results of our tests and measurements. You’ll receive recommendations for the next steps to take to resolve any lingering issues.


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