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AVANT ACOUSTICS has the experience and expertise you’re looking for in your convention center or event venue AV system design and acoustics. AVANT approaches sound systems from an acoustical perspective. This means that neither the technology nor the art of design is overlooked. In other words, we make your systems work AND sound better.

Plus, we provide more-complete specifications, drawings, and system commissioning. This helps ensure the successful execution and installation, even with lowest-bid-award contracting.

Something else you won’t get with other AV system design consultants? We create our own DSP (digital signal processing) files and all of the touchpanel layouts.  We’ve found this results in more user-friendly systems that the end users find intuitive to use.


Impress your clients and visitors with a professional house system from AVANT ACOUSTICS. Our audio visual consultants not only understand the technology involved with professional AV system design for event venues, they also have training in acoustics. This makes AVANT designed systems sound better. We also test our vendors’ components in our lab to ensure they meet our high standards for quality and user-friendliness. In addition, AVANT creates more comprehensive specifications and drawings, taking some of the variables out of a lowest-bidder installer scenario.

Sound reinforcement and acoustics are part art, part engineering. Our highly-trained sound system designers ensure that your sound AV system design is not only technically sufficient based on datasheets, but provides professional-level sound that is natural and full-spectrum.  This is the benefit to working with a sound system designer who is also an expert in acoustics.

In convention centers and event venues, acoustics are extremely important. Event venues must support large gatherings, while providing high speech intelligibility so that individuals in a crowded space can converse. To accomplish this, we focus on all three aspects of acoustics: architectural noise control, mechanical noise control, and room acoustics. This ensures attendees have a positive experience and that the sound system performs as it should.

All large venues need the capability to quickly and clearly communicate messages to its occupants. This is necessary not only for informational messaging, but also for safety and security. That is why our paging system designers focus on speech intelligibility – but not at the expense of natural sound. Our process is unique in that we provide a more complete AV system design and commissioning, leaving less up to the contractor. The result? Consistently good sound, project after project.

So the AV system design and acoustical consultation is complete and the bid has been awarded… AVANT is done right? Wrong! AVANT ACOUSTICS continues to provide expertise by answering questions during construction resulting from field conditions and product availability. We also visit the site multiple times to ensure conformance with product specifications.

AVANT ACOUSTICS approaches system commissioning differently. We are extremely hands-on, thoroughly testing system components and equalizing them for the best-sounding system possible. We also provide fully configured DSP files and custom-designed touchpanel layouts to the installer, ensuring the installed system is both easy-to-use and robust.

We design systems that perform for a long time. As conditions change and components age, however, your system may not sound as great as it once did. Whether or not we designed and commissioned your system, we can provide a health checkup to identify weaknesses and plan improvements. Some issues can even been resolved while we’re on site!

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