Sound Reinforcement System Design

Sound reinforcement system design is typically about amplifying sound for a large group of people, or an audience, to hear.  Some people refer to these systems as PA systems, or even just sound systems.

If you’ve ever attended a drama or musical performance, sporting event, assembly or lectures, you’ve likely heard the benefits of professional sound system design. And did you think only indoor spaces require loudspeaker configuration? Think again! Outdoor sound system design requires the skilled ear of an acoustical consultant, as well.

When reinforcing sound, great designers focus on the loudspeaker coverage area, full dynamic range of sound, high speech intelligibility, and natural sound.


Airport terminals and other transportation facilities can provide great meeting spaces for out-of-town collaborators to hold gatherings.  AVANT ACOUSTICS will design a sound reinforcement system to enable this use with the best speech intelligibility and most natural sound possible.

Sound reinforcement system design is a key component to the success of a convention center or event space. The events hosted in these spaces can vary wildly from day to day. That’s why our sound system designs can be adapted to meet the needs of all types of events. Our audio visual consultants focus on creating easy-to-use systems that sound natural and have high speech intelligibility.

In today’s workplace, having a well-designed, adaptable, and easy-to-use sound system is a must. Boardrooms, meeting rooms, conference centers, and training rooms all require reinforced sound system design. AVANT ACOUSTICS has experience designing these systems to be easy-to-use, sound natural, and maintain high speech intelligibility.

From training rooms and public assembly spaces to lecture halls and courtrooms, AVANT ACOUSTICS has designed sound reinforcement systems for government facilities since 1964. Our focus is on ease-of-use, and ensuring high speech intelligibility and the most natural sound possible.

Collegiate and other higher education spaces often have large spaces that require crystal-clear sound reinforcement. We believe a sound reinforcement system should be user-friendly to keep faculty from getting frustrated and IT staff from getting bogged down with help requests. Furthermore, AVANT ACOUSTICS’ systems sound natural and provide high speech intelligibility.

Sanctuary and worship spaces typically have varied uses. From music and speech all the way to drama, church sound system designs must do it all! AVANT ACOUSTICS’ audio visual systems are intuitive enough for any congregant to use. Furthermore, our systems support the varied uses with full-range sound and natural-sounding speech. Don’t worry about ugly speakers either. We can design a sound system that blends in with the architecture of your space.

We typically find a sound reinforcement system in K-12 education in auditoriums, stadiums and gymnasiums, and mixed-use spaces. Our thorough programming phase ensures we understand all of the current and future uses of the space and “big picture” functionality desires. Staying on budget and on time, AVANT ACOUSTICS designs systems that are easy-to-use for both faculty and students, and that reproduce sound naturally with high speech intelligibility.

Every seat in the house can’t be as good as the front row seats, but they certainly can sound as good! AVANT ACOUSTICS’ sound reinforcement system design for performing arts centers focuses on even loudspeaker coverage with natural, full-range sound that fills the space.

Stadiums and arenas have the ability to create experiences for fans where the rest of the world melts away as they are immersed in the sights and sounds of the event. Great loudspeaker coverage, natural sound, and a comfortable acoustical environment are essential to providing a high-quality fan experience. Outdoor sound system design for aquatic parks, ice rinks, and other facilities comes with additional challenges. AVANT even designs outdoor speaker systems with weatherproof components that function under a variety of environmental conditions. Simply stated, AVANT ACOUSTICS’ sound reinforcement system designs for sports and recreation facilities hits a home run every single time!

AVANT ACOUSTICS has the sound reinforcement design expertise to ensure your system performs regardless of the type of space. Our comprehensive approach to design and commissioning ensures the success of every endeavor. Contact Us to discuss the unique requirements of your project today.

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