Wednesday, Jul. 20th 2022

An Audio Visual System Design Brings New Eyes and Ears to Your Museum

An audio-visual system design helps your museum educate its visitors by making exhibits more engaging. Visitors to museums expect an environment that won’t interfere with the experience of the exhibits. Creating unique spaces with immersive audio-visual experiences that enhance the overall experience without distracting from the exhibits is a design challenge like no other.

The experts at Avant Acoustics want to help you make a professional audio-visual system design to enhance the experience of patrons. If you want to enhance the experience of your museum’s exhibit rooms and listening stations and attract new visitors to appreciate your museum’s collection, Avant Acoustics is more than capable of making the best audio-visual system design to fit your exact needs.

Outside of audio-visual system design, Avant also offers services like sound reinforcement system design. Museums often host meetings or large group presentations requiring sound reinforcement to help make sure that the audience can hear and understand what presenters are saying. Avant has an understanding of the art and science of sound systems resulting in systems that have a high speech intelligibility and high-quality music reproduction.

Once your system is installed, Avant Acoustics will ensure optimum performance with our system commissioning process. Through thoroughly testing key system components and equalizing the audio systems for the most accurate reproduction of the input audio, we optimize the system to best fit your needs. Since modern audio-video system designs are complex, a professional should be consulted to ensure the best calibration and operation possible.

Avant Acoustics offers an onsite diagnosis for any issues you might have with your sound or video system. Whether the system doesn’t work the way you want it to, or your building offers challenges that the system isn’t meeting, Avant can provide a full report of problems as well as a plan for improving it. No matter who designed, installed, commissioned, or consulted on your original system, Avant wants to help improve it.

If you operate a museum or other building Anywhere, USA and you want to improve its audio-visual or sound reinforcement system design, Avant has the expert knowledge to help. Call us at (913) 888-9111 or contact us online to start the consulting process.

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