Thursday, Nov. 4th 2021

Audio Visual Consultants for the Best in Sights and Sounds

The audio visual consultants at Avant Acoustics are experts in the design, installation and testing of audio-visual (AV) systems and components. They are also experts in acoustics – the science of how sound behaves in a particular space. If your business or organization is constructing a new space or updating an existing space, and are in need of new AV equipment, we can help! For more than half a century we have offered specialized services to keep AV systems tuned and working to their full potential.
Audio Visual Consultants
You may wonder what an audio visual consultant can bring to the table. Contractors may tell you that they can install your new equipment correctly as part of the construction process. However, just as you wouldn’t ask a plumber to install electrical wiring, you should not ask someone whose specialty is construction to install something as complex as a modern AV system. 
Today’s sound and projection systems, along with the computer components and software required to make them run, are more complex than ever. Not only that, but acoustics is a science that takes years of education and practice to master. Even if your contractor can install your systems according to the manufacturer’s specifications, odds are they won’t have the expertise to properly commission the system.
What is commissioning? Simply put, it is the process of analyzing an audio or visual system, testing each component and function, and making sure that everything is operating correctly and to its full potential. Many customers are surprised to learn that this work is painstaking and can often take several days or even weeks! 

Audio visual consultants from Avant Acoustics will spend time evaluating a multitude of things when performing system commissioning:

  • Improperly wired, rattling, or dead loudspeakers
  • Damaged or missing network cables
  • Misconfigured components 
  • Components with outdated firmware
  • Improperly terminated wires on audio cables
  • Missing or wrongly-configured equipment
  • Malfunctioning monitors or control panels
Our team often hears from clients and installers who are grateful that we found things they missed. As one contractor put it, “A second set of eyes is always a good idea.” 

Whether you have already made a significant investment in new AV equipment, or your project is just beginning, the expert audio visual consultants at Avant Acoustics have what it takes to help you succeed. Of course we like to be in at the beginning, when our acoustics expertise can inform decisions about the design of the spaces where you will use your new system. We work with clients from inception to installation, on through system commissioning and then training for your staff on how to operate and maintain the new system. No matter when you call us in, our team will bring all of our resources and expertise to the table to ensure that your systems look and sound their best.
We have services to meet any situation and budget, from college classrooms to corporate conference rooms, and concert halls to sports stadiums. With clients from Boston to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, our audio visual consultants can help your business or organization achieve your AV system goals. If you have had a new system installed and want to make sure it’s ready for day one, or if your existing system is giving you problems, contact us at (913) 888-9111. With the Avant Advantage you can be sure that you will get the most out of your AV systems investment.

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