Wednesday, Aug. 3rd 2022

Sound Masking System Design to Make Your Office Comfortable

An effective sound masking system design can help make your office more comfortable for your employees. If the employees in your office have multiple projects to complete, then that can lead to groups competing to be heard over each other. Additionally, offices often need to have a level of privacy so that the people working in it can be reasonably sure their private conversations aren’t being overheard. If either of these situations are issues in your workplace, consider hiring Avant Acoustics to help with a sound masking system design.



Corporate environments are a common place to find a sound masking system design. These systems can improve both speech privacy as well as improve staff comfort and productivity. This is especially useful to any office with an open floor design. If you have employees working in cubicles next to each other, there are many times when they need to be confident of their privacy.


Whether discussing a client’s personal details on the phone, a team of employees discussing a project they’re working on, or just talking about something in their life, privacy is essential in an office. A sound masking system design, sometimes referred to as a white noise system, will reduce distractions and improve speech privacy. Because of its continuous and diffused noise characteristics, the system is designed to not be disruptive to occupants in a given space.

When designed properly, the system should be non-intrusive and non-fatiguing. The people that trust you with their business will be able to rest assured that their details won’t be unintentionally spread through your office. 


Sound masking system design works through an array of loudspeakers or emitters.

 Similarly to pink noise, a masking system emits a broadband noise that is non-repetitive, and has a small roll-off at higher frequencies.  The goal is to raise the overall noise floor to create an ambient noise level that is uniform and consistent. For speech to be intelligible, that noise floor must be overcome, which means less unintentional eavesdropping and less distractions for your employees.


An effective sound masking system design will also make intentional eavesdropping more difficult. This improves speech privacy and makes the occupants more comfortable and more productive in an open-office design. These systems can also be used for paging systems in some circumstances.


If you’re interested in increasing privacy in your office anywhere, such as locations in Chicago, Boston, St Louis, Oklahoma City, or Houston, contact Avant Acoustics today. We can schedule a visit for you to experience the system we use in our own office so you have an idea of what we can do to help you. You can reach us at (913) 888-9111 or contact us online. If noise in your office is an issue, it’s time to discover the Avant Advantage.

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