Wednesday, Apr. 6th 2022

Acoustic Consultant For Sporting Venues

An acoustic consultant is someone who has the expertise to make your sporting events more enjoyable for everyone involved, whether it’s a Little League game or a professional sporting event. When the game is on the line, you want your audio-visual systems functioning at their peak, so nothing detracts from the fan experience. Whether you need a tune-up to your existing audio-visual system, or want to ensure that your newly-installed system is set up and functioning to its maximum potential, Avant Acoustics can help!
An acoustic consultant from Avant Acoustics will visit your facility to evaluate your audio-visual requirements. Using the science of acoustics, he or she will analyze your space to determine the best places to install sound components to ensure that announcements, music and other audio content sound amazing. Another area to assess is where sound may impact people who are working within the space. Even in the loud, boisterous environment of a basketball arena, there need to be places where people can go to converse and where team members can get a break from the noise. No matter what the decibel level during the big game, our acoustic consultant will ensure that the AV systems are all working at top performance, so no one misses an announcement or the instant replay of that winning shot.
With more than half a century of experience in serving clients, in places as far apart as New York and Los Angeles, Avant Acoustics has satisfied clients across the nation. Our wide-ranging experience encompasses all types of spaces, from offices, to schools, to huge athletic stadiums and concert venues. Indoors or out, we can help you ensure that sports fans see and hear all of the action, loud and clear, with a minimum of disruption. 
The secret to our success is in our approach to projects. We call it The Avant Advantage.  Regardless of the project size, or whether we were included from the beginning or called in later, we work with the same set of standards. Our AV experts will analyze your new or existing systems, identify areas that need improvement and design a solution that fits your needs. We provide some of the most complete design documents you will ever receive, so that our clients can be sure they are getting everything they want from their project. By supervising both construction and system installation, we can be certain everything is done right. 
Where we really stand out is in our commissioning process. Commissioning is the method that our expert team uses to thoroughly test installed systems, to ensure everything is working to its peak level of performance. Our acoustic consultant will review and update all software to verify  that all of the complex components are able to communicate with one another. We work closely with clients to design user interfaces that meet the unique needs of their staff and systems. A modern AV system won’t do any good if your staff cannot operate it correctly!
If you need an acoustic consultant to help your sporting organization look and sound fantastic, contact Avant Acoustics today at (913) 888-9111. We look forward to helping you make the big game an experience fans will never forget!

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