Wednesday, May. 18th 2022

Acoustical Consulting Is a Must For Your Stage

Acoustical consulting can make a huge difference in your live performing arts productions. Without proper sound design for your auditorium or theater, the actors or singers’ performance might have to compete with any number of distracting sounds that would otherwise have been mitigated. Fortunately, the experts at Avant Acoustics are here to make sure the live performances in your venue sound fit for the stage.
Room Acoustics ensure the audience experiences the sound as intended. Mechanical noise control prevents HVAC and electrical systems from interfering with the performance. Noises from outside the building are warded off by architectural acoustics. All of these create an environment for your performances that makes sure the show sounds perfect and acoustical consulting Avant gives you access to experts with years of professional experience that qualify them to help bring your acoustical designs to life.
Two of the most critical steps of creating the perfect performance space are design and installation. Acoustical consulting from Avant  will help with both of these as well as provide you with thorough testing and equalization for your stage’s audio system. Avant understands the art and the science of sound and can improve any live performance with the sound systems we design.
Of course once the designing is complete, there is still much to do. Avant’s acoustical consulting extends to construction by having our team available to answer contractor questions as well as to oversee installation and ensure conformance to your specifications through extensive testing. 
Additionally, after construction, if your system ever starts to fail or becomes uncalibrated, the advantage of Avant Acoustics’ acoustical consulting is that we will diagnose the problems and help make a plan to improve the system. We offer onsite visits and reports and can often improve the situation while we’re there!
Whether you run a concert venue in Los Angeles, a live theater in Chicago, or a comedy club in Boston, let the experts at Avant Acoustics’ acoustical consulting team handle all of your sound design needs. We have decades of experience and want to put it to use for you. Call (913) 888-9111 or visit our website to schedule a visit. We’re excited to work with you!

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