Wednesday, Oct. 5th 2022

Your AV System Design Will Benefit Greatly From the Avant Advantage

AV system design is a highly specialized field. It requires such a high level of knowledge that unless you’re a specialist, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to installing a new system or upgrading an existing one. Professional audio visual systems enable you to use a particular space in a way that you couldn’t before. Avant Acoustics will create an AV system design that meets your needs and your budget.

Avant Acoustics approaches audio visual engineering differently than our competition, We provide more complete design documents, careful construction administration, and more in-depth system commissioning. We offer more thorough testing of the installed system and user interfaces, maximizing the experience for all users of the space. We call these offerings the Avant Advantage, because they’re part of the increased level of service you can expect when choosing us for your AV system design over the competition.


When it comes to locations like event venues or convention centers, easy-to-use AV systems enable varied uses and encourages users to come back for future events. Avant Acoustics can execute an AV system design that adjusts to the varied configurations of the facility. We have extensive experience with a variety of event venue projects. We know how to help maximize the usability for owners, users, and architects alike.


Avant approaches our sound system designs from an acoustical perspective. This ensures that we will not overlook any aspect, whether technology or the art of the design. Because of this, we make systems that will look better and perform better. Additionally, we will provide you with the complete specifications, drawings, and system commissioning. This will ensure the successful execution of the design. 


Another advantage we offer over other acoustical consultants is that we design our own digital signal processing files and all of the touchpad layouts. This allows for a simpler chain of We believe this results in a more user-friendly system that you will find more intuitive to learn and to use.


If you need help with the AV system design in your venue, trust in the Avant Acoustics advantage. We have the skills and experience to meet whatever needs our clients have in a way that would make any visitor to their venue satisfied with the experience. Call us today at (913) 888-9111 to begin consultation or contact us online.

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