Wednesday, Sep. 21st 2022

What Acoustical Consultant Services and the Avant Advantage Can Do For You

When talking about acoustical consultant services that Avant Acoustics provides, the term “Avant Advantage” gets used a lot. This is a term we use to talk about how we handle our projects differently from our competitors. What is the Avant Advantage?

  1. User-Friendly Designs: We handle the user interface design for touchpanels or other control interfaces and create our own detailed programming guidelines for the installing contractor to follow. This leaves less to chance and ensures that the project goals discussed throughout the project make it all the way to the final product. This also leads to systems that are easier to learn and use.

  2. Better Commissioning: This is mostly demonstrated through the time we spend on site testing, inspecting, and configuring the systems we design. We ensure the highest possible speech intelligibility by carefully equalizing all the audio zones. Commissioning includes equalizing audio zones to ensure the highest possible speech intelligibility, testing wiring and terminations to verify that it was ran correctly and will work for years to come, setting up video distribution equipment to make sure the correct video quality at every screen is clear and in focus, rigorously testing control systems to ensure that every button and indicator functions perfectly, and much more.

  3. Quality Control: We create more comprehensive bid documents that leave less of the design up to a contractor. Our acoustic consultant services also include overseeing the installation of the system to make sure the contractor complies with the plans we design. Once construction is done, we test the systems to ensure optimized and equalized sound and that the system as a whole performs all the intended functions.

  4. Longevity: We’ve helped create easy-to-use systems that look and sound amazing since 1964. Our first client, the Dulles International Airport, as well as many of our clients we’ve worked with since then, continue to use us on any projects they need an acoustical consultant for.

  5. Focus: Avant Acoustics offers specialized services in acoustics and audio-visual system design. This sets us apart from other firms that offer a huge array of services and makes our years of experience more relevant to the task at hand. This work is our passion and we want to do it well.

  6. Relationships: It takes a lot of effort to meet the owner’s needs and accomplish the architect’s vision. This is why the Avant Advantage includes not only the design of the system but overseeing the installation and testing the system afterwards. 

If you need an acoustic consultant in anywhere world-wide, call Avant Acoustics today at (913) 888-9111 or contact us online. Let our decades of experience make sure you can be satisfied with your audio systems.

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