Wednesday, Oct. 19th 2022

Acoustical Consulting From Avant Acoustics, the Industry’s Best

Acoustical consulting is the answer to a problem that many businesses try, and fail, to tackle by themselves. Engineering the perfect sound design for your needs can be a daunting task. Luckily for you, Avant Acoustics is here to help. 

Avant is the leader in acoustical consulting. Most times, business owners look for an acoustical consultant to help mitigate unwanted reflections while increasing desirable ones. Alternatively, consultants can be brought in to handle architectural acoustics by containing noises from bothering neighbors or blocking out noises from neighbors that might bother you. Acoustical consulting can also help manage the sounds from mechanical and electrical systems.


Avant is the best choice for any and all types of locations, but one of our more unique specialties is hospitals and doctor’s offices. You might be surprised to read that healthcare facilities need acoustical consulting. Due to the need for doctor-patient confidentiality, patient comfort, and vibration-sensitive imaging equipment such as MRI scanners, it’s no wonder that we would be called to help.


Avant knows the importance of quality acoustics in medical environments. With a strong need for privacy to meet HIPAA compliance, our sound-proofing experience comes in high demand. Beyond that, hospitals can be a noisy place with dozens of employees and patients walking around or sitting in rooms/waiting rooms, this can make attending one for care a true nuisance to patients if the acoustics are not handled correctly. 


We’ve managed many of these types of  jobs before. For instance, with the Mosaic Life Same-Day Care urgent care facility in St. Joseph, Missouri. At this facility, noise was being transmitted between the recovery area and the nursing station. The Avant team conducted a thorough evaluation of the space. Following this evaluation, our team recommended ceiling tile replacement, installing sound-absorbing wall panels, and strategically placing glass panels to isolate the sounds of the nursing stations from the patient areas. These glass panels would act as sound barriers, creating a sound-reflective surface to hold sound within the nursing station.


If you need acoustical consulting for any location, trust Avant Acoustics for the best results. We offer a specialized set of services so good we call them the Avant Advantage, and we have the experience to handle any job to whatever level of needs you may have. Call us at (913) 888-9111 or contact us online to begin consulting on your project.

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