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Audio Visual Consultants: What Services Can Avant Acoustics Offer?

If you’re in the market for Audio-Visual Consultants, Avant Acoustics has a lot to offer. With a wide range of services available, Avant Acoustics is the premier choice to handle any new designs or to upgrade your existing setup. We take on projects around the world even in Chicago, Boston, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, and Houston.

Acoustical Consulting

Sometimes referred to as acoustical engineering, acoustical consulting is the management of sound. This is a wide-ranging topic that covers just about anything relating to sound vibration. Whether you need help with the room acoustics in a large convention center or noise control between spaces in an office, Avant Acoustics has the expertise to take on the project.


Audio Visual System Design

Audio visual consultants can help you create a design for a professional audio-visual system. We create custom system design solutions to meet your needs and budget. Our AV system design services include more complete design documentation, careful construction administration, and more in-depth system commissioning. What is commissioning? Once the system is installed, we provide thorough testing and configuration of the installed system and user interfaces and train the owner how to operate the equipment successfully.

Mass Notification/Paging System Design

Avant Acoustics’ expertise in sound design extends to designing a system to quickly get messages out over a large area. We designed a paging system for our first client over 50 years ago. Our audio-visual consultants will provide comprehensive bid documents, custom designed user interfaces, and thorough systems commissioning. Our goal is to give your business an advantage through creating a system that sounds good and has high speech intelligibility.

Sound Masking System Design

Sound masking system design reduces distractions and improves speech privacy. This is a necessity for offices with an open floor plan. A sound masking system, sometimes referred to as a white noise system, design will help to create a better work environment. . Similarly to pink noise, a masking system emits a broadband noise that is non-repetitive, and has a small roll-off at higher frequencies that sounds similar to HVAC noise but at controlled levels and with a consistent sound profile. Our goal in this type of project is to raise the noise floor to create an ambient noise level that is uniform and consistent.

Sound Reinforcement System

Sound reinforcement system design is about amplifying sound for a large group of people. Also known as PA systems or just sound systems, these systems will help make sure your audio can be heard by anyone in the intended area.. Whether the project is indoors or outdoors, our skilled audio-visual consultants have the skilled ears and advanced technical testing equipment required to focus on the loudspeaker coverage area, full dynamic range of sound, high speech intelligibility, and natural sound reproduction.

The audio-visual consultants at Avant Acoustics have experience providing all of these services and more. We have taken on projects in transportation hubs, convention centers, corporate and government offices, colleges and high schools, churches, and theaters all across the country. Call us at (913) 888-9111 or visit us online to start consulting on your project.


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