Wednesday, Aug. 17th 2022

Acoustical Consulting to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

Acoustical consulting you can trust is a must for any business in the hospitality industry. If you’re in the hospitality business, you need to balance the comfort of your guests with the need to entertain them while also catering to company events and meetings. This presents several complex challenges related to the general noise level of your establishment. 


Whether it’s the staff or the guests, everyone who comes to your business will recognize the importance of professional sound design. Acoustical consulting from Avant Acoustics brings the expertise, product knowledge, relationships, and experience to ensure your new construction, remodel, or technology refresh is done quickly, affordably, and effective for years to come. 


With our acoustical consulting, we can provide professional audio video systems designs and effective sound reinforcement. Effective room-to-room noise control ensures unwanted noise will not be transmitted into adjacent spaces, which left untreated, may create disruptive environments and compromise privacy. Mechanical and electrical noise control will make sure the sounds from outside of your rooms won’t interfere with your guests’ stay. Quality room acoustics will provide a more comfortable experience in your rooms. All of these services are things Avant can help with through their acoustical consulting services.


Just one example of the advice Avant provides with their acoustical consulting is relating to cavity absorption. Simply filling the cavities in wall assemblies in your hotel with unfaced fiberglass batt insulation can provide a notable increase in noise isolation between adjacent rooms. Acoustical in-fill helps to decrease the overall noise transmission characteristics of a wall assembly by reducing noise that otherwise may be transmitted through acoustical deficiencies in the wall construction, such as gaps and penetrations.


This tip and more will help lead to rooms that will make your guests happier and more satisfied with their privacy. If you’re interested in improving the sound design of your hotel or restaurant anywhere, such as locations in Chicago, Boston, St Louis, Oklahoma City, or Houston, you should contact Avant Acoustics for our acoustical consulting services as soon as possible. You can call us at (913) 888-9111 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

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