Wednesday, May. 4th 2022

Audio Visual Consultants for Government Needs

The People at Avant Acoustics draw on experience as audio visual consultants stretching back almost 60 years. Founded in 1964, Avant has become known as an expert in many categories in the audio visual field. One particular aspect of our experience that we’re particularly proud of though, is our years of experience working on hundreds of different government projects. From noise control in military shooting ranges to audio visual systems for meeting in multistory administrative office buildings, we have a wealth of experience that makes us confident to solve your need for audio visual consultants.

government office has very similar needs to a corporate office, but one key difference is the need for enhanced data security and in some cases a need for speech privacy. Avant Acoustics’ experienced audio visual consultants would be perfect for either a corporate office or a government office, but they have the knowledge of and familiarity with the extra restrictions on data security and experience with mechanical noise control to provide extra speech privacy in your office. Avant has the know how and readiness to be able to meet the needs of the FBI in Los Angeles or the DMV in Chicago.
The needs of a government office might make it so what was once a conference room might someday need to be converted into additional work desk space and when a room changes, the audio visual components installed for the previous room might not be optimized for a different floor plan. When this happens, instead of letting the audio visual system’s performance decline, contact Avant and schedule a site visit and report with one of our audio visual consultants.
Avant aims to reduce the risk of lowest-bid-award contracts with our comprehensive system commissioning. Our team of experts creates natural sounding systems that avoid feedback and are user friendly with our customized DSP files and touch panel layouts. We then test the systems and make sure they’re equalized to the space so they sound good from day one.  
Avant is proud to serve our clients around the world and in the US from Boston to Kansas City to Los Angeles. Avant’s audio visual consultants are ready to meet any job from all reaches of government, as well as projects in healthcare, sports business, and music. Call us at (913) 888-9111 or visit us online to schedule a visit . We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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