Wednesday, Sep. 15th 2021

Audio Visual Consultants For Experiences That Impress

The Audio Visual Consultants at Avant Acoustics are dedicated to making sure your business or organization’s AV systems are operating at peak performance, delighting your audience with sights and sounds that get your message across. With over a half-century of experience providing top-quality AV equipment and services in Kansas City and across the nation, we have the expertise to keep your presentations looking and sounding fantastic!

Audio Visual Consultants
No matter what business you are in or where you are located, when the time comes to use your AV system for communications, you want everything to go smoothly. Your annual convention, when people have come all the way from Boston or Los Angeles or Chicago to hear what your speakers have to say, is not the time for AV system malfunctions such as audio feedback. When hosting a meeting in your office, you don’t want technical glitches to distract from the content you are trying to present. If you want to ensure that your audience experiences only the sights and sounds you intend for them, and not a lot of noise or disruption, the audio visual consultants at Avant Acoustics can make it happen.
Most of the time we don’t think a lot about our AV systems. Day after day, week after week, we put presentations up on the conference room screen for meetings. Not a lot of thought goes into this – until it doesn’t work. Unfortunately, like many things in life, breakdowns usually happen at the worst possible times, like the day you finally have the decision-makers from a huge client in your boardroom, or the evening that the annual holiday community choir event is happening at your church. Outdated or poorly functioning audio-visual equipment can make a bad impression on your customers or guests. You wouldn’t keep an old, worn-out sofa from the 1970s in your lobby. Why keep your old AV system, especially if it no longer meets your needs?
At Avant Acoustics, our audio visual consultants are experts at analyzing your existing system, identifying areas for improvement, and designing updated solutions to meet your needs. If you are considering installing a new system in your existing facility, or want a state-of-the-art AV system for your new facilities, we can do that, too! Because we understand acoustics, we know how to make your audio systems perform at their peak, and sound their absolute best within the spaces where you are using them. As experts in acoustics and AV design, we approach AV engineering differently than other companies do. We are involved in the construction process from the outset, providing complete design documents and supervising construction and system installation. We provide some of the most in-depth system commissioning in the industry. This involves thorough testing of the installed system, review and updating of all software, and user interface consulting to meet the unique needs of your system users. 
When you are ready to experience the comfort and confidence that a top performing audio visual system can bring to your organization, contact the audio visual consulting professionals at Avant Acoustics. You can call us at (913) 888-9111 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to helping your business or organization look and sound its very best!

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