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Rehearsal Room Acoustics

Rehearsal room acoustics often require close attention and specific acoustical characteristics. As a veteran choral musician, I have performed in a variety of venues, from a dedicated performing arts center to a gymnatorium, from a standard classroom to a parking garage. So I love designing rooms for music education. In these music practice and performance spaces, students experience our rich, worldwide music tradition on a daily basis. At AVANT ACOUSTICS, we strive to make that experience even better for them.

A project to improve the rehearsal room acoustics at Northwest Missouri State University



Many music practice rooms just aren’t large enough. However, we can help size rooms appropriately based on the number of musicians and the type of music (chorus, band, orchestra, etc.). Higher-volume rooms give music a better opportunity to blend. Too-small rooms (especially band rooms) can become dangerously loud and cause difficult-to-control, low-frequency build-up.




Music sounds best when it is well-blended. This happens when sound energy bounces off a surface in many different directions at once. For this reason, AVANT ACOUSTICS often recommends angled walls or ceilings, or geometrically shaped panels to make otherwise flat ceilings and walls into better diffusers.



Sound-absorbing finishes are often required in music practice rooms to control loudness and reverberation. However, there can be too much absorption or the wrong kind of absorption. AVANT looks at all of the finishes in a room and how they work together. Then, we recommend solutions and finishes to make music in the room sound just right, from the lowest note on a tuba to the highest note on a flute.


At AVANT ACOUSTICS, we love good music, and we want the next generation to love it, too. There are many other things that go into designing a good music practice room. For a real-world example of such a project, read about our work on the music rehearsal space at a community college.

If you have a new or existing music education facility that could use the help of an acoustical consultant, call or send us a message!


By Emily Jaumard, Senior Consultant

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