Rehearsal Space Acoustics

  • Community College Music Area Acoustical Panels

  • Acoustical panels

This renovation project at North Platte Community College included 1,200 square feet of rehearsal space, as well as adjacent practice rooms.


AVANT ACOUSTICS provided the following services:

  • Room acoustics consultation
  • Architectural and mechanical/electric noise control


Project Highlights:

In the rehearsal room, AVANT improved the room acoustics, creating a room with a balanced reverberation time by using a combination of ceiling materials, including pyramidal diffusers, as well as gypsum board and mineral fiber ceiling tiles. The acoustical performance of the room can be adjusted as tunable, wall-mounted acoustical panels can be changed from sound-absorbing to sound-diffusing by simply pulling a lever at the bottom of each panel.

AVANT ACOUSTICS provided balanced reverberation time in the practice rooms using wall-mounted sound-absorbing panels tuned to absorb more sound at low frequencies and less at the high frequencies. This allows for clarity in the high frequencies, while controlling overall volume.

Finally, AVANT ensured the partition constructions between the rehearsal room, practice rooms, and adjacent offices and other spaces included adequate insulation to prevent noise disturbances.


Location: North Platte, NE
Facilities: Music Rehearsal Space, Practice Rooms
Client: Wilkins Architecture Design Planning
Designer: Emily G. Jaumard


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