Wednesday, Nov. 17th 2021

Mass Notification System Gets Your Message Out – STAT!

A mass notification system is a vital component of business operations for many industries, but it is particularly important in the healthcare world. When you think of overhead paging systems, you may think of busy public places like airports or bus stations, where a missed announcement could mean a disruption to your travel plans. But in hospitals or other healthcare settings, properly functioning paging systems can be a matter of life and death. In this setting, a mass notification  system must provide easily understandable communications to every area, regardless of how complex or noisy the space is. At Avant Acoustics,our decades of experience in the art and science of architectural acoustics enables us to design your mass notification system to communicate effectively no matter where you are using it. After fifty-plus years of excellence for customers all around the United States and internationally, our first client is still with us today!


Imagine this. It’s early in the morning and you have come to the hospital for a test. The waiting area is filled with other patients and their families, all chatting while waiting to hear their names called. Someone’s sick baby is crying, and a toddler is playing loudly with his toys. While you’re busy reading work emails on your phone, the volunteer is trying to get your attention to let you know that it’s your turn. Or perhaps you are a healthcare professional working a weekend shift. The emergency room waiting area is packed with patients, and patient rooms are full. You know that when a code is called, you need to leap into action, but it is really noisy. Being able to hear the code type and room number of the patient is of paramount importance. Situations like these can make it hard to hear overhead announcements. At Avant Acoustics, we understand the challenges and difficulties of managing a paging system in all kinds of spaces, from crowded waiting areas to patient rooms. We also know that for our clients in healthcare, getting information to their staff and patients is crucial. That’s why we provide exceptional service, from design to implementation. 
What makes an Avant Acoustics mass notification system different? It starts from the bidding process. Our team of acoustics experts provides more comprehensive bid documents than many of our competitors. This helps our clients to make an informed decision when choosing a vendor. We also know that the best-designed mass notification system in the world cannot be successful if the people who have to operate it cannot do so easily. That’s why we offer custom-designed user interfaces, as well as training on how to operate and maintain the system. 
Our process of system commissioning is another thing that sets us apart. In order to ensure that the system provides the highest-quality sound, we spend multiple days thoroughly testing all system components, tuning and adjusting to confirm that they are performing optimally. Our testers look for things like broken or improperly-installed wires, speakers that are out of balance, and control systems that are not using the most recent software. Although this process takes a long time to complete, we believe that no mass notification system or paging system can be successful without it.
You want your audience to get your message, loud and clear. A properly designed, installed and tested mass notification system can do just that. At Avant Acoustics, we serve customers across the country, in spaces from hospitals and doctor’s offices to airports and classrooms. We have the expertise to design and install a system to meet your needs. If you are planning to install a new mass notification system or paging system, or want someone to analyze your existing system and recommend improvements, contact Avant Acoustics at (913) 888-9111 or fill out our online form.  We look forward to helping you get your message across.

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