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Incirlik Airfield Fire/Crash Rescue Station

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The primary purpose for constructing the facility was to further enhance the installation’s readiness and modernization to respond to future challenges and emergencies. Construction of the building started in August 2018 and the coordination between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Embassy in Türkiye, U.S. Air Force and Turkish Air Force represents the routine of cooperation that occurs at NATO’s Southern Flank.

Avant Acoustics worked with Turkish engineers from the firm Aytekin Serol Engineering, Construction and Trade Services Ltd on this project to provide:

  • Consulting on the noise reduction (STC ratings) for walls in conference rooms due to the location near the flight line of the airport.
  • External Noise Reduction Review / Improvement recommendations by measurement of the noise reduction between the interior spaces and exterior spaces.
  • Calculation of ambient noise levels within the Fitness Center, offices, and surrounding room to make noise reductions and improvements.
  • Intelligibility review of Speech Transmission Index (STI) and improvement recommendations for the Mass Notification System both internal and external.
  • A report documenting findings and indicating conditions requiring further evaluation or investigation.

Emily Jaumard, acoustical consultant and designer on this project, said “I liked how we used EASE computer modeling for almost every space in the fire station, to predict the Speech Transmission Index (STI) of the paging system, to ensure that it would meet life safety requirements. At the end of the project, testing confirmed what was predicted by our computer modeling.”

Fire Station at US Military Base in Turkey 2024

Project Location: Incirlik Air Base, Turkey      Facilities: Military Installation     Date: 2024     Designers: Ed Charland and Emily Jaumard


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