Sunday, Sep. 30th 2018

Case Study: Major Changes Without a Major Overhaul

As facilities age, their sound reinforcement and AV systems age with them. Routine maintenance and proper care can go a long way toward extending the life of a system.  However, once a system is no longer reliable, replacement is necessary and inevitable.  Because this can be a complex and daunting project for facilities of any size, many opt for a phased approach to audio and AV system improvements.  So what happens when it can’t happen all at once?

AVANT ACOUSTICS recently had the opportunity to assist a large theme park with a significant upgrade to its parkwide background music, paging, and auxiliary audio systems.  With hundreds of loudspeakers and decades of accumulated audio equipment dispersed throughout the park, wholesale replacement of the system was not feasible.  The park wisely decided to focus primarily on upgrading the head-end components, including the audio processors, control system, and audio distribution.

By transitioning their aging analog system to a new networked audio system, the theme park was able to integrate existing zones, add new ones, and tie them all together under a single, unified platform. The upgraded system can now:

  • Control the entire audio system and all functions from a customized user interface, which the staff may access via computer or tablet from anywhere in the park.
  • Seamlessly play back and control more than 100 channels of digital audio to discrete zones of the park, including rides and seasonal attractions.
  • Issue live and prerecorded parkwide or zoned pages with advanced prioritization.
  • Synchronize audio programming with production lighting for special events.
  • Centrally manage, monitor, and automate many other functions such as announcement scheduling, music playlists, equipment status, and much more.

The theme park audio system now has near-limitless potential for future expandability and reconfiguration.  The upgrade of the system’s headend allowed the park to begin turning the page on an aging system and embracing the significant benefits that the newest digital audio processing can provide. Meanwhile, the loudspeakers and other peripheral components will continue to be replaced over time as needed.

This is just one of many projects where AVANT has been able to help breathe new life into an existing audio system with an inside-out approach.  We have applied the same method with great results in houses of worship, theatres, corporate spaces, and other venues.  It is often said that success is in the details, and this is certainly true of a successful headend upgrade.  By working with end users to determine exactly what exists and what is needed, an AV system designer like AVANT ACOUSTICS can help formulate a plan and design a system that maximizes your improvement budget and keeps an eye to the future.

This post was authored by AVANT ACOUSTICS Associate, David J. Wetzel.

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