U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Emergency Operations Center

  • US Army Corps of Engineers EOC

  • US Army Corps of Engineers EOC

  • US Army Corps of Engineers EOC video ribbon

  • US Army Corps of Engineers EOC dual video screens

The Kansas City District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently upgraded their Emergency Operations Center to be a self-supporting environment capable of 24-hour operations. The facility includes the Command Center, a small conference room, offices, kitchen, and restroom/shower facilities.

AVANT ACOUSTICS provided the following services:

  • Room acoustics consultation
  • Audio-visual presentation and video display systems design
  • On-site system commissioning including operator training

Project Highlights:

The Command Center is served by a large video display wall constructed with 24 high-definition video modules to form a 27 x 7.5-foot video canvas.  In the reception lobby, guests are greeted with a 12×1 video ribbon feature.  The video ribbon is remotely managed, and can dynamically accept a variety of content.

In addition to the emergency operations function, the Center also hosts monthly project review board meetings and other related events. AVANT’s design included extremely flexible video display and audio-video conferencing capabilities to support these diverse uses.

Location: Kansas City, MO
Facilities: Emergency Operations Center
Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Designer: Robert G. Ledo


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