The Cathedral of Saint Joseph

The AVANT ACOUSTICS team is proud to have worked on the 2023 Renovation Project at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Jefferson City, MO. The Cathedral serves as the main or “mother” church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City.

The existing audio systems, portions of which were original to the building, received a complete overhaul. The primary objective for the new loudspeaker distribution was to provide optimal coverage to all seating areas without introducing any obstruction or distraction from the artistic, architectural, or aesthetic elements, which included many intricate mosaics, sculptures, and wood finishes.

AVANT ACOUSTICS provided the following services:

  • Acoustical Consulting
  • Sound and Video System Design
  • Construction Administration
  • System Commissioning

Project Highlights:

To minimize visual impact, custom-painted full-range loudspeakers were installed at the ceiling in lieu of suspended arrays or wall-mounted speakers at eye level. The coaxial design and directed pattern control of the loudspeakers provided excellent intelligibility despite the room’s added reverberance and lofty ceilings. With the same aesthetic goals in mind, specialty microphones were selected to enrich the sound of services while remaining as out of sight as possible. These include a soundboard mic at the piano, unobtrusive choral mics, and custom-installed array mics at the ambo and altar.

Location: Jefferson City, MO
Facilities: Religious/Worship
Client: Roman Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City
Designer: Edouard Charland, David Wetzel, Emily Jaumard, Andrew VonFeldt


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