Maize Middle School Cafetorium


With enrollment projections exceeding capacity, Maize Middle School recently underwent a renovation and expansion, which included a new cafetorium.


AVANT ACOUSTICS provided the following services:

  • Room acoustics consultation
  • Audio-visual and sound reinforcement systems design
  • On-site system commissioning including operator training and assistance during the first use


Project Highlights:

The cafetorium’s AVANT-designed AV system includes:

  • Long-throw projection onto a ceiling-mounted, motorized screen,
  • Multiple flat panel displays throughout the room,
  • Wireless microphones,
  • A portable digital mixing console which can be connected at multiple locations using a digital audio snake, and
  • Digital signal processing, including an automatic mixing system.

The sound reinforcement system includes a source loudspeaker cluster, as well as a distributed overhead system, to provide even coverage while maintaining directional realism from the stage. AVANT optimized the AV system and the room acoustics for both cafeteria and auditorium uses.

Location: Maize, Kansas
Facilities: Cafetorium
Client: Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey
Designer: Robert G. Ledo


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