Johnson County Library at Lenexa City Center

AVANT ACOUSTICS designed the Audio-Visual systems and Acoustical aspects of the Library located in Lenexa City Center. Because the library was part of the overall development of the relocation of downtown Lenexa, it is the center focus which is connected to many other facilities, including City Hall, a great food hall and shopping. There was a lot of excitement for the project in the community since it provides a much-needed resource to people of all ages.

AVANT ACOUSTICS provided the following services:

  • Acoustical Consulting
  • Audio-Visual Consulting and Design
  • Construction Administration
  • System Commissioning

Project Highlights:

AVANT provided room acoustics consultation to establish proper acoustical characteristics for the spaces within the building. This included recommendations relating to the selection of interior surface shapes, finish materials, seating, and other design considerations. AVANT made audio-visual presentation and sound reinforcement systems for all of the common spaces, multiple conference rooms of all sizes as well as staff meeting spaces.

Location: Lenexa, KS
Facilities: Libraries
Client: Hollis + Miller
Designer: Jill Elmers, Emily Jaumard, David Wetzel, Andrew VonFeldt


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