Wyandotte High School

  • Wyandotte High School auditorium renovation

    Wyandotte High School Auditorium Seating

  • Wyandotte High School Auditorium

  • Wyandotte High School Auditorium

    Wyandotte High School Auditorium Stage

Wyandotte High School is a secondary education facility in Kansas City, Kansas.  Originally constructed in 1937, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

AVANT ACOUSTICS provided the following services:

  • Evaluation of existing conditions, including room acoustics
  • Sound reinforcement systems design, aided by computer modeling
  • On-site system commissioning, including operator training and assistance during the first use

Project Highlights:

AVANT ACOUSTICS approached the design of an updated sound reinforcement system for this historic auditorium with respect for the existing aesthetics of the space, while fulfilling the need for a system that would support performances with the latest technologies. 

The design includes three source clusters located above the proscenium, with distributed loudspeakers below the balcony.  The system has inputs for wired and wireless microphones and digital media sources, controlled by a digital mixing console. 

Other features of the system include a wireless hearing assistance system to allow personal amplification for users who need assistance, and a production intercom system for technical performance support.

Location: Kansas City, KS
Facilities: Auditorium
Client: Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools
Designer: Robert G. Ledo


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