Sunnyside Baptist Church

Due to its rapid growth, Sunnyside Baptist Church has planned a multi-phase worship center to expand their campus. For the first phase, a new 800-seat sanctuary and a classroom wing were added.


AVANT ACOUSTICS provided the following services:

  • Room acoustics consultation
  • Mechanical/electrical noise control


Project Highlights:

AVANT ACOUSTICS consulted with Thomas Weems Architect early in the design of the Phase 1 Sanctuary which will double in size with the next phase. It was important for the congregation to be able to hear the pastor or any speakers clearly, indicating a shorter reverberation time, supported by the ceiling cloud and wall panel design. Cushioned seating was included so that the Sanctuary would sound similar when used for a small group or when filled to capacity. It was also important to enhance the choir, at the back of the stage. Their sound is naturally redirected back into the choir to improve ensemble sound and into the congregation by an overhead sound reflector.

Each of the acoustical treatments was chosen to be scaled into the next phase larger Sanctuary. Wall panels may be demounted and moved to new walls, and ceiling treatments can be continued into the expanded space.


Photos by SweetSnaps Photography.

Location: Kingsport, Tennessee
Facilities: New Sanctuary
Client: Thomas Weems Architect
Designer: Emily G. Jaumard


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