Mosaic Life Same-Day Care

  • Mosaic Life Same-Day Care

  • Mosaic Life Same-Day Care

Mosaic Life Care’s urgent care facility in St. Joseph, Missouri, provides care and treatment of immediate medical issues, including illness and injury.

AVANT ACOUSTICS provided the following services:

  • Room acoustics consultation
  • Noise control consultation

Project Highlights:

At this Mosaic Life Care facility, noise was being transmitted from the recovery area to the nursing station. In addition to disturbing work, the lack of speech privacy in the recovery area created HIPAA concerns.

AVANT ACOUSTIC conducted a thorough evaluation of the spaces. AVANT recommended ceiling tile replacement, installing sound-absorbing wall panels, and strategically placing glass panels to “acoustically” separate the nursing station from the surrounding patient areas. The glass panels would act as sound barriers, and create a sound-reflective surface to bounce sound back within the nursing station, solving the noise issues in these spaces.

Location: St. Joseph, MO
Facilities: Recovery Area & Nursing Station
Client: Capital Performance Management


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