Johnson County Monticello Library

This two-story, 30,467-square-foot library has floor-to-ceiling glass along three sides of the building. Its interior incorporates flexible walls so that spaces can be adapted to meet a multitude of needs.


AVANT ACOUSTICS provided the following services:

  • Audio-visual systems design
  • Sound reinforcement system design
  • Paging system design
  • Architectural noise control
  • On-site system commissioning, including operator training and assistance during the first use


Project Highlights:

AVANT ACOUSTICS designed the building-wide paging system, study room video collaboration system, and meeting room presentation systems. AVANT also consulted on the room acoustics and mechanical noise control.

In addition to the audio-visual systems in the library’s public spaces, AVANT also designed a noise masking system for the open office staff areas behind the scenes. AVANT’s full system commissioning ensured that the systems performed their best and that all of the Library’s needs were met.


Location: Shawnee, Kansas
Facilities: Public Library
Client: The Clark Enersen Partners
Designer: Jill C. Elmers, Emily G. Jaumard, Andrew J. VonFeldt


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