Golf Course Fan Noise

The Kansas City Country Club recently began using large fans to cool their golf course greens. Nearby residents hired an acoustical consultant and an attorney to attempt to block the effort.  The City engaged the services of AVANT ACOUSTICS for independent analysis of the noise generated.

AVANT ACOUSTICS provided the following services:

  • Noise study

Project Highlights:

AVANT ACOUSTICS visited the site and took thirty-eight 30-second Leq Class I measurements at various locations. AVANT first measured the ambient noise at the site. Then, they measured the noise generated by fans at the property lines and nearest outdoor living spaces along the course. Measurements were taken with a dabbled microphone on a stand at ear level with a remote-operated XL2. 

AVANT then provided the City and affiliates with written documentation of the measurement values.

Location: Mission Hills, KS
Facilities: Golf Course
Client: City of Mission Hills
Designer: Andrew D. Siebert


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