Children’s Mercy Hospital Toxicology Lab

  • Children's Mercy Hospital Toxicology Lab

  • Children's Mercy Hospital Toxicology Lab

Children’s Mercy Hospital is a nationally recognized comprehensive medical center in Kansas City, Missouri. This is the primary location, providing care for patients from birth to 21 years.

AVANT ACOUSTICS provided the following services:

  • Mechanical/electrical noise control

Project Highlights:

Noisy medical equipment in the toxicology laboratory was creating a disturbance at the hospital. AVANT ACOUSTICS conducted a thorough analysis of the space’s architectural features, materials, construction, and existing vibration isolation techniques.

AVANT then provided the architect with a detailed report including specific recommendations for reducing the noise level in the toxicology laboratory and the adjacent spaces. The report, which included sketches, drawings, and photographs for clarity, provided the architect with the information necessary to solve the noise issues in this space.

Location: Kansas City, MO
Facilities: Toxicology Laboratory
Client: HMN Architects, Inc.


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