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AVANT ACOUSTICS is presented with unique challenges every day. Simply not seeing your type of facility listed on our website does not mean we can’t handle it… or that we haven’t handled it before (you’d be surprised!). 

From apartment buildings to manufacturing and shooting ranges to traffic noise studies, unique projects are often the norm for AVANT ACOUSTICS.


Room acoustics is the art and science of how sound generated inside a room is reflected or absorbed by interior shapes and finishes. AVANT ACOUSTICS assists architects and owners with the shapes, angles, and finishes of room surfaces and furniture to ensure the space works as it should.


Often, noise sources are separated from noise-sensitive space by building envelopes or walls and partitions. The practice of architectural acoustics involves consulting with owners, architects, and contractors regarding building envelopes for noise control or wall assemblies for noise control. This ensures the noise stays where it is generated, and that the adjacent spaces are functional and enjoyable.

Noise can come from many different sources. Mechanical and electrical system noise are some of the most common, but we’ve also dealt with manufacturing, machine, and all other types of noise. AVANT ACOUSTICS’ acoustical consultants have product expertise and noise control experience that we apply to solve any noise problem we encounter.

AVANT ACOUSTICS is able to measure the noise levels in and around manufacturing facilities, mechanical equipment, highways, airports, railways, and more. These measurements can be compiled into a concise report with complete recommendations (and opinions of probable cost) for remediation. 

Sound reinforcement can be a benefit in many types of spaces. Museums, for example, often have presentation spaces, and many art galleries host large events. Restaurants and retail outlets might host performances, trainings, or other events, all of which need reinforced. AVANT ACOUSTICS can help ensure natural sound with high speech intelligibility.

Audio visual technology can be integrated in either traditional or innovative ways. Some architects even use displays or LED technology to create ambiance or as interior design tools. Retail outlets and restaurants often use streaming music to set the atmosphere. No matter your audio visual technology needs, we can make your vision a reality.

Regardless of the type of space or the desired usage, paging/PA systems must be loud and intelligible enough that the messages are heard and understood. AVANT ACOUSTICS’ designs employ the latest proven technology and design concepts. Our goal is always highly-intelligible yet natural-sounding systems that blend nicely with the architecture of the space.

People and machines in open areas that create non-uniform noise can be distracting to others in the space, and can inhibit productivity.  AVANT ACOUSTICS can design sound masking systems that help our brains to block-out this impediment. They are also useful in assisting with speech privacy. Contact us to learn how your space might benefit from sound masking technology.

After the design is complete, the physical work begins. AVANT ACOUSTICS is available to answer contractor questions and inspect work to ensure specifications are followed. We go the extra mile so that audio visual and acoustical products are applied correctly the first time.

System commissioning is the secret sauce at AVANT ACOUSTICS. This is part of what separates us from other AV system design firms. We do more comprehensive testing and tuning of your systems. Furthermore, we understand and appreciate the art of sound, not just the technology behind it. The end results are natural-sounding, user-friendly systems with high speech intelligibility.

Regardless of how specialized or unique your space is, AVANT ACOUSTICS can evaluate the acoustics and the AV, sound, and paging/PA systems to ensure that they are working as desired. Sometimes conditions change or components begin to fail… An AVANT health checkup is the first step toward getting back on track!

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